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Introduction to our itineraries

If one had the time and the means to make a complete tour of Uganda, it would take at least 40 days.
The vast majority of travellers clearly do not have all this time available. That is why we devised the itineraries that you fill find on this page. They are all standard and much appreciated tours that we have been doing for a long time. Each itinerary covers specific areas of the country, but they can be tailored to your needs, by adding or changing some destinations.
If you let us know your preferences and main interests and help us understand what type of experience you would like to enjoy, we will be able to advice on and arrange the trip that best reflects what you are looking for.
Creating a customised itinerary can be an enjoyable and rewarding process and has two main advantages. It allows you to design exactly the type of experience you want and, at the same time, it puts you straight into the holiday mood!

99% of the time, people come to Uganda to see the Mountain Gorillas.
That is why our first itinerary starts with a brief visit to the equatorial rain forest, where these incredible animals, man’s closest cousins, live.
Yet, those who decide to seize the opportunity can then discover that the country is about much more than its gorillas.
Uganda is a land of bright, vivid colours, astonishing to the eye. This is also why most times safaris turn into photographic safaris. Albeit relatively small, Uganda is a casket full of the most diverse landscapes, so spectacularly breathtaking that, during the entire trip, you will not help feeling moved, curious and excited. Uganda is an awe-inspiring country with a magical atmosphere that will capture your soul and leave you with unforgettable memories.
Just as mosaics are embellished by the addition of precious tiles, our itineraries are enriched with incredible destinations for up to 19 days, which is usually the maximum time limit for travellers. We will be happy to arrange longer trips if you have more time available.

If you think these itineraries represent an excellent starting point for your trip, we will be happy to provide you with detailed information on every aspect of the safari – trekking excursions, extensions, activities, hotels, national parks, etc. We will also assist you in creating a customised itinerary that reflects your character and personality.

Malachite Tour & Travel welcomes you “on board” one of its itineraries – we hope you will enjoy reading about them!

itinerary 5 days itinerary 6 days itinerary 8 days itinerary 10 days

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Itinerary 10 days:
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Itinerary 12 days:
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Itinerary 14 days:
Enter the biggest national park: Murchison Falls... read more

Itinerary 19 days:
The tree climbing lions in Ishasha... read more